Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna
Museum of Himalayan Arts

Radha Krishna

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Image: Radha Krishna
Artist: Sarika Singh

Ideal for Personal and Devotional Space.

Time Taken to Complete the Painting- 2 Years.


Carried by the clouds, floating through the cosmic universe,
Grounded by the green land, lifted by the blue sky.
Enclosed in a rainbow bubble,
sitting upon a crescent silver moon,
Beams of gold sunshine……
Bliss, wisdom, peace, calmness, serenity
endless hope found in love.

The male embodies compassion,
The female embodies wisdom,
Their union is enlightenment….

In love, they can have both,
the moon and the sun;
wisdom and compassion;
ground and sky;
samsara and nirvana!

Their message to the world
Love, generosity, kindness, compassion, unity
Ethics transcending man made confines.

Clothing unique and intricately detailed
inspired by nature and celestial birds.
All colours dancing in harmony
All jewels radiating in glory
it is love!
it is wisdom !!
it is bliss !!!
It is liberation !!!!
It is divine love !!!!!