Thangde Gatsal Thangka Painting School

Founded in 2002, preserves the tradition of Thangka Painting, which lives through the Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master- Student Relationship). It provides Thangka training from beginners to advance levels, in Online and On Location mode. 

The School provides an opportunity to commission Thangka Paintings from our School. 

The School offers Research opportunities for artists, students and researchers.



  • On Location Drawing and Painting Courses are offered for 2-6 Weeks and 3-12 Months through the year. 
  • NEW Online Thangka Painting Course  allows one to paint a traditional Thangka Painting using authentic methods and materials from the comfort of your home or studio anywhere in the world. 
  • NEW Online Thangka Silk Applique Course allows one to create a Silk Applique Thangka using authentic methods and materials like silk threads and silk brocades from the comfort of one’s home or studio anywhere in the world.
  • Online Thangka Drawing Course provides course materials easy to download and follow for both Short and Long Term Courses.
  • Workshops are offered from 1- 10 days through the year, residential and non- residential. 




  • We welcome the research scholars world-wide interested in Buddhism, Buddhist Art and Tibetan Thangka Paintings to associate with the School and avail the unique opportunity to study and conduct their research work at the School.

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