[DOCUMENTARY FILM] Celestial Realms of Enlightened Beings (Pre-Booking)
Himalayan Art Museum

[DOCUMENTARY FILM] Celestial Realms of Enlightened Beings (Pre-Booking)

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Allow us to take you on a 2300 years old journey of Traditional Buddhist Paintings. We showcase an exquisite collection of 45 Masterpiece Thangka Paintings, painted over a span of 25 years by world renowned Thangka Artists, Master Locho and Dr Sarika Singh. This sixty minute documentary film is sure to take you through the ‘Celestial Realms of Enlightened Beings’.

The full film will be available for viewing this September / October on our website.

Produced by Himalayan Art Museum ©2023

This is a pre-booking. Once released you can access the film, in our MEMBERS AREA.