Himalayan Art Museum



  • 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Everyday
  • Museum visit @ INR 500 per person
  • Prior Appointment appreciated.  
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  • 11:30 am to 12 Noon, Everyday 
  • Meditation, Prayers and Mantras 
  • Prior Appointment appreciated.  
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  • 10:00 am to 6 pm, Everyday 
  • Includes Guided Museum Tour, Meditation, Drawing & Lunch 
  • 2-3 Hours Workshop @ INR 3500  
  • Full Day Workshop @ INR 4000 
  • Prior Appointment appreciated.  
  • Call +91 9418655401, +91 7018617451   Email museumofhimalayanarts@gmail.com 


  • 10:00 am to 6 pm, Everyday 
  • Non-Residential @ INR 4000 per person per day and Includes Guided Museum Tour, Meditation, Drawing & Lunch 
  • Residential @ INR 5000 per person per day and Includes Guided Museum Tour, Meditation, Drawing, Lunch & Accommodation 
  • Prior Appointment appreciated.  
  • Call +91 9418655401, +91 7018617451   Email museumofhimalayanarts@gmail.com 






The museum is aimed to introduce the onlookers to the highest quality of artistic expressions in Buddhist thangka paintings possible in the 21st century and to depict the 2300 years journey of Buddhist paintings to the world under one roof. The ‘Himalayan Arts Museum’ was completed in the year 2020 and exhibits 40 masterpiece paintings created in a span of 25 years. Some paintings have taken five to seven years to complete and are almost 12 feet high! Master Locho and Dr. Sarika continue to create masterpiece paintings aimed to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India, especially the Himalayan region and the state of Himachal Pradesh. 

The Museum consists of the Tara Gallery and Tibet Gallery along with a shop, live working studio and a café for Museum visitors. The Museum allows visitors to visit the galleries and workshops and courses. 

The museum also showcases the sacred materials like mineral pigments, glue, pure gold and silver along with the sacred tools used in the creation of the paintings. Digital visual images take us through the steps in the creation of each painting and the details involved, which we may have easily missed while viewing the paintings.  

The museum, in the spiritual context, allows one to experience the transcendental and the celestial space of the enlightened beings- the deities; the journey from the mundane to the profound. The beauty and the divinity of these exceptional spiritual artworks is indeed an elevating experience! 


Tara Gallery exhibits 15 exclusive large masterpiece paintings depicting the journey of Buddhist paintings from India to Tibet and from Tibet back to India through Goddess Green Tara. This was made possible only through years of intense research, mastery over the tradition and through the artistic expressions of Master Locho and Dr Sarika Singh.  

Goddess Green Tara, here, can be seen depicting stylistic evolution that happened at Ajanta caves in Maharashtra; Tabo Monastery in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh; Alchi monastery in Ladakh; Tibet and finally the Indian mainland particularly Dharamsala.   

Goddess Green Tara can also be seen painted in pure gold and pure silver apart from many forms.  

tara gallery


Tibet Gallery exhibits 20 authentic Thangka Paintings depicting the stylistic evolution that took place in Tibet for over a 1000 years. These paintings are a celebration of the period during which the rich cultural heritage of India travelled and evolved in Tibet. The Thangka Paintings displayed in the Tibet Gallery include Gold Buddha Sakyamuni with Maitreya and Manjushree, an exclusive Thangka Painting of Goddess Sitatapatra with her 1000 hands, 1000 heads and 1000 feet, a pure gold Thangka Paintings of Avalokitesvara with 1000 arms in gold, Goddess Whita Tara; Goddess Saraswati, Medicine Buddha Mandala, Amitabha Buddha, Sri Devi, Avalokitesvara Mandala amongst many others.  

Tibet Gallery showcases 11 highly exquisite masterpiece Applique Thangkas.


This upcoming gallery aims to preserve these teachings of Buddha and present them visually to enable a visitor to receive, meditate upon and elevate spiritually in the presence of these 12 paintings depicting the phases of The Life of Buddha.



Contact Us: 

Phone +91 9418655401, +91 7018617451 

E-mail museumofhimalayanarts@gmail.com

Website www.livingbuddhistart.com


Ward No-14, MC Dharamsala.

Village: Kandi, P.O.: Khaniyara

Tehsil: Dharmsala District: Kangra,

Himachal Pradesh -INDIA- 176218