ENROLMENT FEES- Self-Study (Long Term Courses - Option 1)

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OPTION 1: (LONG TERM SELF – STUDY Monthly Program   

  • Monthly fee model 
  • Minimum six months; Maximum five years commitment. 
  • To Enroll- Fees to be paid for Six months each time.  
  • To cover Sketching and Inking Only.  
  • Designed for students to draw as per their individual pace.  
  • The course is personalised 1-1  
  • Free Guided Meditation, Prayer and Tibetan Prostration Video 
  • Cost includes the training, digital course materials and assistance on Whatsapp/email.  
  • Cost does not include course materials like pen, pencil, eraser, paper etc.  
  • Images includes but are not limited to - Sakyamuni Buddha face, body with robes, Preaching Buddha face, body with robes, Medicine buddha face, body with robes, Green Tara face, body with robes, White Tara face, body with robes, Sarasvati face, body with robes, Avalokiteshwara face, body with robes, Manjushree face, body with robes, Mahakala face, body with robes, Vajrayogini face, body and robes, Eight Symbols, 8 landscape elements and Inking.

Our Long Term Study Courses are very affordable and are designed for students who wish to study Thangka Drawings, Inking and Painting Techniques for years, at their own pace. These two courses allow the students, to carry their training, simultaneously along with the existing jobs/ studies or commitments.

This is the fees for Option 1:

Self-Study Long Term - MONTHLY Model (6 months advance fees)