Museum of Himalayan Arts


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Image: Saraswati
Artist: Sarika Singh

Ideal for Living Room, Bed room, Prayer and Meditation Room.

The paintings created by Dr Sarika Singh is an extraordinary masterpiece and is exhibited at the ‘Museum of Himalayan Arts’ in Dharamsala. Dr Sarika pens down the following lines to describe this painting


My Strength originates from HER,
As an Inspiration SHE is.
I find her in my prayers,
As a Goddess SHE is.
In my turbulences,
As a Savior SHE is.
Bejeweled with music and art,
As an artist SHE is.

My origin takes me back to HER,
Love, kindness, peace and benevolence
SHE showers upon me-
As a Mother SHE is.

Mother Nature SHE becomes!!!!
The Ultimate Mother SHE is.

Is there a Higher Creation ???
Than every woman SHE is!!!!!
Is there a Higher Creator ???
Than every woman SHE is !!!!