Green Tara Drawing Course
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Green Tara Drawing Course

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 The Tara is a female Bodhisattva and her name Tara translates to 'a star'; she is a beacon of light in the darkness positioned above the human world, watching over us all. Tara is the ultimate mother. She is our creator-guiding us into existence; she is our savior teaching us kindness, compassion, and affection; She is our protector-resolved to being born again and again until we are all liberated. It is due to the presence of these attributes that She will exist in an earthly form until we are all enlightened, for without creation, salvation, and protection, we are doomed to darkness.

The Tara is shown gazing forward, Her right hand performs the mudra of generosity, while Her right foot is stepping out towards the human realm ready to step out into a worldly existence, ready to intervene as our protector, ready to help as our savior. Through her gaze, mudra, and foot position, she is communicating to the viewer that she is here to help us along our journey. She wears intricately patterned pants and a shawl around her shoulders. Her left hand, which holds the stem of a white lotus, is positioned over her heart in a mudra of compassion.

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Welcome to a spiritually elevating experience through drawing… 

  • You need the following materials to get started: lead pencils, eraser, divider/compass, ruler, drawing sheets, cutter to sharpen the tip of pencils and extra A4 printing papers in order to create paper scales.
  • You can use an A3 or an A4 sheet for printing the course materials as well as drawing.
  • Keep sharpening your pencils every 5 minutes.  
  • The images are highly spiritual and sacred. Please respect all course materials, tools and images at all times.
  • Please be aware that while drawing these divine images, the artist brings these images into this world to benefit the mankind. In this position the artist becomes the creator of the deities. An artist should remain humble, kind, compassionate, selfless and anonymous.
  • No names are ever written on the drawings. You can write date or serial number.
  • When we look upon these images, or meditate upon them or practice them or draw/paint them, we develop attributes possessed by each image. Attributes of generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, perseverance, patience, truthfulness, determination, love, kindness, compassion and equanimity. With practice we cultivate these attributes until one day we are filled with them. Then we become one with the deity.
  • Entire course material is original and created by Master Locho and Sarika Singh.
  • All course materials is a copyright of Center for Living Buddhist Art, Museum of Himalayan Arts and any reproduction, distribution, sharing is prohibited without the written permission from the center.

 We wish you a great experience. Enjoy the spiritual elevation!!!