Handmade Painting


Buddhist scroll paintings emerged in India and travelled to almost all of Asia, including Tibet, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Japan, etc. In Tibet, these paintings arrived around the 7th century A.D., and were known as Thangka Paintings. Thangka Paintings depict Buddhist themes and its beauty and divinity, to which anybody can relate to, is a spiritually elevating experience for mankind! 

Thangka Paintings developed and flourished for over a thousand years in Tibet. After the occupation of Tibet in 1959, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, along with many Tibetan people, sought asylum in Dharamsala, situated in the foothills of Himalayas in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Tibetan masters and the artists, who came from Tibet, carried with them the rich tradition of Thangka Paintings that was preserved in Tibet.

India became the new soil for the preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist Art and Culture with Dharamsala as its epicentre from where the Buddhist Teachings and Art was to spread to the rest of the world to benefit humanity. 


Thangka Paintings are commissioned upon request. The artwork, the artist, and the patron are closely related to each other. Patrons support the creation of the artwork and an artist often thinks about the patron while creating the artwork. The act of supporting the creation of the painting helps the patron to accumulate good virtues and become transformed.

 You can help preserve the ancient Buddhist Painting tradition of Thangka Paintings which lives through the Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master- Student Relationship) by Commissioning one or more paintings. We make only high quality masterpiece Thangka artworks for our esteemed Patrons.



Thangka Paintings at our Studio, are very well researched and created by the Master Artists, Master Locho and Dr Sarika Singh. They have devoted their life to preserve the traditional art and practice it in the purest form as taugh by the lineage of Indian and Tibetan masters.

Due to the time it takes to create a Thangka (usually several years), the uniqueness of the materials used ( authentic minerals and gold), and the mastery of the skills involved in each painting, become of utmost significance. Thangkas are intrinsically valuable artistic creations that last for over generations.

All handmade paintings come with a Handwritten Note from Master Locho and Dr Sarika Singh, Certificate of Authenticity, Caring Instructions and Original Invoice of the artwork, documentation as a book and as a documentary in the making. 


You can help preserve the 2300 years ancient tradition of Thangka Paintings and  support the ancient Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master- Student Relationship) by commissioning an original painting from our studio, in the following ways.

Please choose an Option below and email us for a Quotation.

The value of our unique Masterpiece  Thangka Paintings ranges upward from a few thousand US dollars.


A : Museum Quality Silk Applique Thangka 

These artworks are made using genuine silk woven fabrics cut to minute sizes and layered to create various elements of the composition. Authentic Mongolian horse hair wrapped with fine pure silk threads is embroidered with millions of stitches by hand over long periods of focused attention to details to bring out the form of the deity. The final consecrated thangka is then framed in authentic silk brocade.

Choice of Themes : Buddha Shakyamuni / Medicine Buddha / Avalokiteshwara / Manjushree / Tara / Any other single deity imagery.

    Size of Inner Artwork : 30 x 20 inches

    Size with Silk Brocade Mounting : 5 feet height

    Delivery Time : One year

    Payment : 50 % at the time of commission, rest at the time of delivery.



    B : Museum Quality Thangka Painting


    These paintings are made in the ancient traditional style using genuine mineral pigments and 24 carat pure gold on a pure cotton cloth canvas, painted and inked in detail using various intricate techniques, to bring the deity to life. This painting is of traditional pre-existing iconography and design, created by Master Locho along with his senior apprentices. The final consecrated Thangka is then framed in authentic silk brocade from Varanasi.

    Choice of Themes : Buddha Shakyamuni / Medicine Buddha / Avalokiteshwara / Manjushree/ Tara / Any other single deity imagery

      STYLE I :

      Size of Inner Artwork : Between 2-3 feet height (as desired)

      Size with Silk Brocade Mounting : Between 5-6 feet height 

      Delivery Time : One and half to Two years

      Payment : 50 % at the time of commission, rest at the time of delivery.




       STYLE II :

      Size of Inner Artwork : 4 feet high

      Size with Silk Brocade Mounting : Between 7-8 feet high

      Delivery Time : Three Years

      Payment : 50 % at the time of commission, rest at the time of delivery.



      C : Masterpiece Thangka Painting

      (Painted exclusively by Master Locho)


      Master Locho would create a new iconography and design which has never been done before, and will never be repeated for any other Patron. This opportunity to commission a masterpiece is highly limited, since he has few remaining active working years. This exclusive painting of the deity will be only one of its kind, created keeping the Patron in mind. The materials used are authentically sourced and genuine mineral pigment colors, 24 carat pure gold, painted and inked in details using various intricate techniques. Master Locho personally goes through periods of high focus, meditation and silence in order to incarnate the deity on the canvas. The final consecrated Thangka is then framed in authentic silk brocade.

      Choice of Themes: Deity of choice

      Size of Inner Artwork : From 3-5 feet (as desired)

      Size with Silk Brocade Mounting : From 6-9 feet (as desired)

      Delivery Time : Three to Four Years

      Payment : Four equal instalments to be paid during the creation period



      For specific needs, outside the above mentioned options, please feel free to contact us. 
      Please email at: sarikalochoe@hotmail.com