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By embracing morality, concentration, wisdom;dedicating oneself completely and by maintaining humility - An artist develops and transmits fragrance that elevates and attracts all.

Center for Living Buddhist Art connects us to the rich cultural heritage of India, especially the Himalayan region and the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Center aims to generate awareness about the Buddhist art through contemporary quality thangka works based on the tradition carried forward by Indian and Tibetan masters. The Center is a window to the 2,300 years old journey of the tradition of Buddhist paintings and the evolution of art through ages and geographies. The Center includes an art school, art studio and a museum. The art school is committed to preserving, promoting, documenting and transmitting Buddhist paintings to the new generation. Through workshops and courses, the art studio provides its patrons a unique opportunity to commission art work from master artists.

The museum exhibits the finest master pieces created by Master Locho and Sarika Singh.

Visitors may choose from one of the following two options.

OPTION 1 - Museum visit @ INR 500 per person.

OPTION 2 - Full day package @ INR 2500 per person that includes :

  • Visit to the museum
  • Hands on artwork session (iconography and grids in Buddhist images)
  • Documentary -‘Journey of Buddhist Paintings’
  • Talk on ‘Buddhist Paintings’ for groups of 5 or more individuals
  • Snacks

Prior reservation appreciated.

Contact to schedule your visit to the museum

Village: Kandi, P.O.: Khaniyara
Tehsil: Dharmsala District: Kangra,
Himachal Pradesh -INDIA- 176218

Museum Hours : Open everyday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm