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The 'Center for Living Buddhist Art' includes the Museum of Himalayan Arts, Buddhist Art School and a practicing Art Studio. The aim of this one of a kind center is to keep the ancient art of depicting Buddhist themes alive in our contemporary world.

The Museum of Himalayan Arts will exhibit a selection of the finest paintings made by both Master Locho and Sarika Singh. The Museum, recently under construction, will make people aware of the high quality of work which is happening today. It will connect all of us to the rich cultural heritage of our country especially the Himalayan regions particularly Himachal Pradesh.

The Buddhist Art School is committed to preserving, promoting, documenting and transmitting Buddhist Art to the new generation through workshops and courses. The school is engages itself in training young artists and providing them the unique skills necessary to paint quality paintings. At present, it is the only school of its kind in the world and has transformed into an important destination for a variety of artists, scholars, researchers and students interested in Himalayan art.

The Art studio provides the clients the unique opportunity to commission artwork from the master artists, and oth Master Locho and Sarika Singh continue to take private commissions. They are currently engaged in the creation of a series of paintings that require intense research, creativity and understanding of Buddhist Art and other Himalayan subjects.