9. Medicine Buddha Gold
Style: Gold (ser-thang)

Medicine Buddha or the Healing Buddha is acknowledged as Bhaiajyaguru, indicating that he is the master of medicines and ‘doctor of souls and bodies.’ Identical to Buddha Śākyāmuni, he has the ushnisa on the top of his head exemplifying his spiritual power, is clad in a monastic robe and is seated in Padmasana. Bhaiajyaguru is symbolic of the healing facet of Buddha Śākyāmuni in Mahayana Buddhism. Medicine Buddha is always portrayed in a profound lapis lazuli blue, with his left hand positioned in the mediation mudra holding a medicine bowl, while his right hand is placed on the right knee clasping a stem or fruit of the myrobalan plant (a medicinal plant found in India).

This thangka was painted in pure gold, his body in lapis lazuli, and background details in cinnabar red.