57. Kalchakra with Female Consort
Style: All-Color (tson-thang)

In broad terms, Kalachakra means time cycle or ‘time wheel’. The Kalachakra has two distinctive forms: one a tantric deity with consort, and the other a mandala of the KalachakraTantra. Kalachakra initiations are given by lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, including H. H. the Dalai Lama. Initiations comprise of the building of a sand mandala of the Kalachakra along with ritual teachings of the philosophy held in the Tantra.

When male and female forms are in a sexual embrace, it represents the union of wisdom and method/compassion. Kalchakra and his consort Vishvamata each have four faces of different colors: red, white, orange, and blue. Kalchakra’s main face and body color is blue, and Vishvamata’s is orange. They are stomping on Kamadeva, the god of desire, and Rudra, the god of destruction.