53. Shri Devi
Style: Black (nag-thang)

Sri Devi, also known as Chamundi, is the only female protector deity in the group of Dharmapalas. This ferocious and bloodthirsty deity is deeply revered in all Buddhism. In Tibet she is believed to be the protector deity of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as of the monastery of Tashi- lhunpo. She is considered a close associate of Yama, the God of the Dead.

It is believed that many deities armed her with objects and weapons to defend the Buddhist Doctrine. Some of these objects and weapons are: peacock feathers given to her by Brahma, two dice given to her by Heyavajra, a lion given by Kuvera to be worn in her right ear, a hammer by Vajrapani, a king cobra given by Nandato be worn as an earring for her left ear, two luminous objects given to her by Vishnu and her mule gifted to her by other Gods. She is white in color, and sits on a wild mule standing in a lake of the blood.There are many poisonous snakes around to control the mule. Her saddle is made from the skin of her son, who was an enemy of Buddhism.