39. Green Tara Applique
Style: Applique

Tara is believed by practitioners to bring good to all beings and is known as the Mother of all Buddhas. Particularly, Green Tara is identified as the divinity of good fortune and prosperity, and is also looked upon as the religious companion of Amoghasiddhi and often holds his image in her headdress. She holds a half opened blue lotus in her left hand, and molds the mudra of the Three Jewels with her thumb touching the ring finger and her other fingers extended. She is green in color and is dressed as a Bodhisattva. Her right leg rests on a blue lotus. Sometimes she is represented with her 21 Tara forms surrounding her in a rainbow. Here she was painted on a green background. Her halo, crown, and jewelry were painted in pure gold, along with outlines and other details.

In this thangka, she is shown in her paradise realm, waiting to help and protect sentient beings. The instrument at the bottom is a dramyin, a traditional string instrument for Himalayan folk music. It represents the five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste.