32. White Tara
Style: Applique

White Tara symbolizes transcendent knowledge, perfect harmony, and longevity. In her left hand White Tara holds a lotus with three blossoms. The blossoms represent the past, present, and future. With her seven eyes, White Tara sees everything in all times. The medium this was created on is pure silk, and the entire face was hand stitched.

White Tara is seated in the padmasana pose and is adorned with jewels. She molds the Varadamudra by way of her right hand and holds a lotus with three blossoms in her left. The three blossoms of the lotus flower represent the past, present and future Buddhas, allying White Tara with the spirit of the Buddha. White Tara has seven eyes, one on each palm and foot, and three on her face including one in the forehead symbolizing her omniscient vision.