18. Five Manifestations of Manjurshri
Style: All-Color (tson-thang)

Mañjuśri, also known as the emanation of the Vairochana Buddha, is the bodhisattva epitomizing immense wisdom, willpower and intelligence. He is portrayed inclining into the Sword of Wisdom, which is held in his right hand that slashes through wrong views and ignorance. His left hand is molded in the teaching mudra, holding a blooming lotus and the Prajnaparmita script or ‘the book of divine wisdom.’ Similar to other Buddhas, he is portrayed in Padmasana, clad in princely robes and jewels. His body color is yellow ochre and he is shown seated on a lotus seat with a moon disc. Sometimes he is shown in four other manifestations with a red, yellow, white or blue body.

Manjurshri can be depicted in four different colors which represent different aspects of his character. Red Manjurshri symbolizes his desire to aid sentient beings toward liberation through wisdom and intelligence. White Manjurshri indicates purity and peaceful knowledge. Blue Manjurshri is the highest form of wisdom. And yellow or orange signifies all colors and meanings.