Hand-made Thangka Painting Collection

Masterpiece hand-made Thangka Paintings available are created by Master Locho and Dr Sarika Singh. The creation of each Thangka Painting has taken several years and is a result of intense research, mastery over skills and meticulous details. Pure Gold, mineral pigments, vegetable dyes are used in the paintings.

In the process of creating a thangka, a piece of cloth is being transformed into a divine image. At first the canvas is created, then the drawing is transferred or made directly on the canvas. After inking the drawing, the paints are applied. Dry and wet shading is done followed by the outlining. After outlining, pure gold details are applied. This is followed by the opening of the eyes- meaning life and soul is given to the image. The painting is then mounted in silk brocades if needed and finally consecrated in order to become auspicious and powerful. One painting may take several days, months or years to complete. A painting if created properly lasts for a very long time; it may even last for centuries. This is because of the method, material and the techniques involved in creating a thangka. 

For the artists everything is sacred. Artists often worship their paints and tools. An artist even meditates upon the images that are to be created. An artist is aware of his selfless, anonymous role while he creates these paintings. An artist is also aware of his role as a creator, giving life and soul to the divine images and bringing them into this world. For a thangka artist, the paintings are an act of devotion to the divine. The artist does not expect any fame or personal honor in return for his or her work. No names of artists are written on thangka Paintings. 

The purpose of acquiring these paintings is to bring blessings, aid in spiritual practices, to connect us to the beauty and the divine and to help us elevate spiritually. The paintings helps us to generate love, kindness, wisdom, patience, morality, determination and generosity.